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Key Facts about Your Rental

This is a summary of the key facts of your rental agreement. While it will help you understand what’s included in your agreement and what isn’t, you should read your rental agreement in full in order to be sure of your obligations and ours.

What’s included

Motor Insurance
You are insured to drive the vehicle you hire, as are any other drivers named on the rental agreement.
Repair Costs
If the vehicle is damaged while it is on hire to you, then you’ll only be liable for costs to a fixed sum chosen by you, excess is set at £1500 per accident and this can be lowered to £750 if you have taken out CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) at the time of signing the rental agreement, CDW cannot be added after signing the rental agreement. CDW cost is £8 per day.
The vehicle comes with fuel, you will be expected to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel at the end of your hire, or you will be charged £1.40 per litre for every litre that is missing from when you had originally hired the vehicle.
There is normally no limit on the distance you can drive in the vehicle you have hired, however if you have taken the vehicle on hire more than 2 weeks it is advisable to check the mileage conditions with a member of the Direct Van Rental team.

What’s not included

Traffic fines
You must pay any fines or penalty charges relating to our vehicle such as parking fines, that arise while it is on hire to you. We may ask you to pay our costs if Direct Van Rental have to become involved.
Late Returns
You must return the vehicle you hire on the date and time, and to the location, specified in your rental agreement, unless you have gained written permission from Direct Van Rental to extend the hire, you may incur additional hire costs.
Unattended returns
By arrangement only with Direct Van Rental, we may allow you to return the vehicle you hire outside our normal opening hours, but, if you do so, you will remain responsible for the vehicle, and any damage it sustains, until it has been inspected by us.